RD Coffee Milk

Brand RD
Category Milk Added Drinks
Weight 200ml
Packing Mode Brick pack
Manufacturer Rangpur Dairy & Food Products Ltd.
Country of Origin Bangladesh

For Export Purpose


Per Carton

01 48 PCS 2000 Carton
  • Product Description

RD Coffee Milk

Discover the Best Coffee Milk in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Enhance your taste experience with the delectable flavor fusion of our Coffee Milk, which is now available in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Indulge in the harmonic combination of rich coffee and creamy milk, creating a symphony of flavor that appeals to both coffee and milk enthusiasts.

Real Coffee Beans and Milk

RD Coffee Milk, made from the finest coffee beans and expertly produced, provides a balanced and energizing sip in every glass. Whether you're starting your day or looking for a midday boost, the energetic elements of coffee blend perfectly with the nutritious benefits of milk.

RD Coffee Milk is carefully produced using high-quality ingredients to preserve the powerful coffee aroma and silky milk texture. It's a great choice for individuals who value the better things in life, with a dash of caffeine and a touch of comfort.

Whether you need a moment of relaxation or a rush of inspiration, our Coffee Milk has the solution. Its adaptability caters to a wide range of lives and inclinations, from students to professionals. Order yours today to experience the attractive enticement and creamy delight of coffee milk.

Savor the essence of coffee milk in Dhaka and other parts of Bangladesh, where every sip contains a universe of flavors. Improve your beverage game by savoring the harmonious combination of coffee and milk, adapted to your global taste. Don't miss out on this delicious blend—Get now.