RD Chocolate Milk (UHT Processed)

Brand RD
Category Milk Added Drinks
Weight 200 ml
Packing Mode Poly Pouch
Manufacturer Rangpur Dairy & Food Products Ltd.
Country of Origin Bangladesh

For Export Purpose


Per Carton

02 50 PCS 1840 Carton
  • Product Description

RD Poly Pouch Chocolate Milk 200ml

Delight in Decadence: RD UHT Chocolate Milk in Bangladesh

RD UHT Chocolate Milk, a wonderful pleasure, is available in Bangladesh. Discover why this drink is a must-try:

A Chocolate Lovers' Dream

Enjoy the perfect balance of rich chocolate and creamy milk in this delectable beverage that will satisfy your sweet desires.

Perfection Crafted

Through careful UHT processing, RD UHT Chocolate Milk captures the essence of premium chocolate, delivering a velvety taste in every sip.

Creamy Sensation

Enjoy the silky texture that matches the strong chocolate flavor, resulting in a taste symphony that will satisfy your senses.

Nutrient Infusion

 RD UHT Chocolate Milk provides necessary nutrients and minerals in addition to taste, achieving a balance between indulgence and nourishment.

Find and Savor

 Look for "RD UHT Chocolate Milk near me" and enjoy this chocolate treat at your leisure, whether at home or on the go.

With RD UHT Chocolate Milk, you may enjoy the wonderful blend of chocolate and milk. Get now to boost your drinking experience and enjoy the delicious flavor that awaits you with every sip.