Company overview:

We are collecting the raw milk from the rural area of northern parts of Bangladesh. After receiving we handled the raw milk in closed system to minimize the risk of infection and chilled quickly to 4°C as soon as it is produced and kept at that temperature until processed. Then we processed the raw milk applying UHT (Ultra High Temperature) treatment at 135-140°C for 2-3 seconds, cooled and packed aseptically in 5 or 7 layers of packaging material to ensure the safety and quality of milk for human consumption.RD UHT processed Milk is full cream milk and modern UHTtreatment gives it long life & keeps fresh & pure at high temperature without any preservative. So RD UHT Milk directly drinkable that requires no boiling.

Major Milestones of the Company:

2004: Incorporated as Private Limited Company

2007: Started Commercial Operation.

2010: Conversion to Public Limited Company.

2011: Public Issue of Share through IPO.