RD Strawberry Milk

Brand RD
Category Milk Added Drinks
Weight 200ml
Packing Mode Brick pack
Manufacturer Rangpur Dairy & Food Products Ltd.
Country of Origin Bangladesh

For Export Purpose


Per Carton

07 48 PCS 2000 Carton
  • Product Description

RD Strawberry Milk

Enjoy the delicious flavor of strawberry milk

Indulge in a flavor adventure with our delectable RD Strawberry Milk, which is now available in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Delight yourself in the magical combination of real strawberries and nutritious milk, giving a refreshing and luxurious experience that captures the essence of summer all year long. 

Pure Strawberry and Milk

RD Strawberry Milk is handcrafted with care to maintain the sweetness and freshness of juicy strawberries using modern UHT processing procedures. This ensures not only a longer shelf life but also an instant of pure strawberry sweetness with each drink.


Enjoy the silky texture and appealing pink tint that distinguish our strawberry milk. It's a wonderful way to nourish your body while satisfying your cravings, and it's packed with critical nutrients, vitamins, and minerals.

RD Strawberry Milk is a versatile companion, whether you're resting at home, on the go, or trying to improve your creative activities. Its broad appeal makes it popular among people of all ages, from youngsters to adults.


In Dhaka and all over Bangladesh, indulge in the delightful appeal of strawberry milk, as every mouthful transports you to a world of bliss. Don't pass up the opportunity to savor this delightful pleasure. Get RD Strawberry Milk today and enjoy the delicious combination of strawberries and milk.