RD Orange Fruit Drinks

Brand RD
Category Fruit Drinks
Weight 200ml
Packing Mode Brick Pack
Manufacturer Rangpur Dairy & Food Products Ltd.
Country of Origin Bangladesh

For Export Purpose


Per Carton

103 48 PCS 2000 Carton
  • Product Description

RD Orange Fruit Drinks

RD Orange Fruit Drinks are pure citrus bliss

With the zesty and stimulating RD Orange Fruit Drinks, you may elevate your refreshment experience. This beverage is a symphony of flavor that will tantalize your taste buds and revive your senses, specially created to capture the essence of sun-kissed oranges.

Sunshine in a Bottle

RD Orange Fruit Drinks capture the bright, tangy flavors of wonderfully ripened oranges. You'll be taken to sun-drenched orchards with each sip, savoring the sweetness and tanginess that only fresh oranges can deliver.

Revitalise Your Day

RD Orange Fruit Drinks are your go-to partners for a rush of energy and zest, whether it's a hectic morning, a lunchtime pick-me-up, or a calm evening. It's a great way to energize your body and mind thanks to the natural sugars and revitalizing vitamin C content.

Nourishment Meets Indulgence

You're fueling your body while satisfying your taste senses. Vitamin C, which is recognized for its immune-boosting capabilities, is abundant in each sip, guaranteeing that you not only enjoy the taste but also the health benefits.

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RD Orange Fruit Drinks 200ml