RD Chocolate Milk

Brand RD
Category Milk Added Drinks
Weight 200ml
Packing Mode Brick Pack
Manufacturer Rangpur Dairy & Food Products Ltd.
Country of Origin Bangladesh

For Export Purpose


Per Carton

104 48 PCS 2000 Carton
  • Product Description

RD Chocolate Milk

In Bangladesh, we present the Rich Delight of RD Chocolate Milk!

With our premium chocolate milk, a perfect blend of rich cocoa and nutritious dairy goodness, you can explore the delectable world of chocolate milk in Bangladesh. Enjoy the ultimate chocolaty experience that will both tease and nourish your taste buds.

Delicious taste and creamy texture

RD Chocolate milk is carefully produced to provide you with the highest quality beverage, retaining its freshness without the need for refrigeration until opened. You may now enjoy the velvety delight of chocolate milk whenever and wherever you like, whether you're at home, on the run, or exploring the busy sidewalks of Dhaka.


RD chocolate milk, made from excellent cocoa beans and fresh milk, provides a well-balanced combination of nutrition and flavor. It's not simply a tasty treat; it's also a good source of



Calories and more

Experience the luxury and convenience of having the best chocolate milk in Dhaka right at your doorstep. RD Chocolate milk is suitable for all ages and lifestyles, serving as a quick snack or post-workout refresher, making it an ideal companion for any occasion.

The desirable appeal of chocolate milk will elevate your beverage experience.Get now to experience the velvety richness that will take you away to a world of pure cocoa delight. RD Chocolate milk, the essence of taste, convenience, and sustenance right here in Bangladesh, has just made life's simple joys even sweeter.